VyprVPN is Protecting You From TunnelVision: What You Need to Know

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VyprVPN is Protecting You From TunnelVision: What You Need to Know

May 14, 2024

You May Have Heard About This

Something’s casting a dark shadow and creating the latest vulnerability risks to VPN users: TunnelVision. This is a real and serious threat to the VPN community and to almost all internet users who rely on a VPN to keep them private and secure. But be aware that there is a way to defend yourself and VyprVPN is the answer.

Read below to be reassured why VyprVPN app users are in the clear of this threat.


What is TunnelVision?

People use VPNs for the purpose of staying private and keeping their information and location secure while browsing the internet, and hackers know this. Recently, a technique called TunnelVision has become a way for attackers to essentially bypass most VPN protections and expose users. 

How? Knowledgeable cyberattackers who have the proper access - which is very hard but not impossible to obtain - can manipulate your private data by redirecting your traffic onto untrusted networks without you being aware of it.  They do this by exploiting the point-to-point tunnel that’s created between your device and a VPN provider’s hosted server. 

This is a major cause for concern as the whole purpose of a VPN is to render yourself guarded from threats that can compromise your privacy. 

How VyprVPN is Protecting You

VyprVPN is a certified member of the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI) for a very good reason. We are, and have always been, committed to our user’s privacy and digital safety. This commitment also drives our technology, and we have built-in proprietary validation processes that audit the reliability and trustworthiness of our private VPN network each time you make a connection using the VyprVPN application for Windows, MacOS, iPhone iOS, and Android. It’s this validation process that thwarts the attempts of TunnelVision to hijack your data.  

How to Protect Yourself from TunnelVision with VyprVPN

First, always use the application’s best settings. This includes the use of WireGuard as a protocol. WireGuard offers the best set of security controls and is fast and efficient. Next and most important, make sure the VyprVPN application finishes its boot process completely before you minimize or ‘x’ out. Look for the word “Connected” to appear before you move on. If you see “Connected”, you know the validation process is complete and you’re safe to surf.

TunnelVision is unlikely to affect you directly, but if you’re serious about keeping TunnelVision out of the realm of possibility, make sure you’re staying protected at all times with the VyprVPN app. Thanks for being our customer!


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